Starting a cleaning company is not a good idea



There are many good ideas for startups right now, in case you’ve just decided you wanted to become an entrepreneur. However, I honestly don’t think starting a cleaning company is a good idea, for reasons that I will show you right away.

First things first, the people I know who are in this business can be split into two categories: the ones who had a lot of money to lift their business off the ground and the ones who are mostly doing everything on their own and invest a lot of their time into making things work. The problem with a cleaning business is that you need to gain your clients’ trust since your employees will have to be in their homes when no one is around.



I will tell you why this is a liability to any plan of conducting a cleaning business. All your employees will have to be background checked. There is no way around this. Your clients need to know that all the people who work for you and end up cleaning around their homes have a clean criminal record.

There is also the issue of insurance. You will have to present your clients guarantees. Even if the maids and janitors you are hiring are 100% honest individuals, people will not simply just believe your word. They need solid proof and that can lead to serious complications. Insurance is not something to take lightly and it will cost you some money and legal expertise.


You need to ensure your employees’ safety from clients, too, and not just the clients’ safety from employees. This is an important issue since you cannot have maids visiting and cleaning places where they may be in danger. Especially in areas where crime rates are high, all kinds of things can happen and they will easily have a negative impact on your business.

There is quite a bit of investment to place into this business from the get go. You will have to get cleaning supplies and equipment, hire people and give them uniforms. Here are just a few of the professional cleaning equipment needed: a pressure washer, a floor sweeper or a top electric broom, a commercial vacuum or a burnisher etc. You should also have at least one vehicle with the company logo. You will not be able to start this business off the ground with just a few hundreds of dollars. If this is all you have at your disposal, I strongly suggest that you take your mind off it.

A cleaning business depends a lot on the area you want to cater to. Commercial areas are the best, but the competition is already fierce, so that is why I am not suggesting starting this kind of business. The best places, so to speak, are already taken and you will have a really hard time trying to find your place in this market.

Keeping Your Desk Clean Is Very Important If You Want to Be Focused


One of the hardest things to achieve in this day and age must be staying focused on a single task at any given time. We have push notifications on our smartphones, e-mail reminders and all kinds of distractions that make us lose focus. There are, however, other things that make our lives so hectic and we don’t even notice.

One of them, as I learned the hard way, was a cluttered desk, where things pile up in disarray, making it impossible to find anything. At one point in my life, I frankly thought that this was not important, until one day, when I realized that I was losing precious minutes if not hours only to find something in the pile of junk I had on my desk.


There are many ways in which a cluttered desk can make you lose your focus. The one aspect I mentioned earlier is just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine trying to reach for the file you must work on, with your eyes glued to your computer screen, and, in its path, your hand just pushes your cup of coffee, making the contents spill over relevant documents. Cleaning and repairing the damage has just burned a black hole in your schedule, and those are minutes you are never getting back.


There are people who are very tolerant to the clutter around them, and, again, there are people who easily got distracted and even become stressed. It is a proven fact that too much clutter around you makes your mind cluttered, too. Without you even knowing it, your eyes begin darting sideways, trying to avoid the clutter, and that will surely make you lose focus if you have not lost it already while trying to find the very thing you must have been working on.

Keeping a desk organized has many advantages. Knowing where each thing is, saves a lot of time. Your mind becomes calmer than before and your thread of thought does not have to stop to deal with small challenges peppered along the way. Even if you like thinking of yourself as some multi-tasker, it is almost guaranteed that you will not be able to maintain your focus for a long time, and soon enough, you will begin experiencing extreme fatigue.


There is another thing that a messy desk can do to you. It may physically hinder you from working properly. Whether you will be forced to keep your arms bent at awkward angles or you will have to strain your neck, because you have things stuffed under your desk, and you cannot get closer to the chair, such a cluttered work environment is going to take its toll on you.



2 of My Favorite Books about Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship may be the hardest thing someone may like to tackle in their life, but it is also the most exciting. I would not have got the hang of this particular field if I haven’t educated myself a lot by reading the best books I could get my hands on. Next, I will talk to you about two of my favorite books on entrepreneurship I had the chance to read and draw my knowledge from.

First is The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. I must tell you that the first time I got my hands on this book I just thought it was going to be just another ‘get rich’ scheme that was not going to take me anywhere. However, since it was recommended to me by a friend, I decided to give it a shot, and I never regretted that decision. What I think this book does best is that it helps you create the right mindset so you can start earning more money and become rich without all the strings attached, like long hours and stress so high that you might need therapy once you get to the top.


The way the author splits the book says a lot about the goals he has as an author. At first, he talks about objectives. I like that. Goals are important, and if you don’t have them clear enough, you will work for nothing, and soon enough you will be dissatisfied and discontented with yourself. The second section is dedicated to teaching you how to be highly efficient with your time. He speaks about the importance of cutting down on information and focusing on what’s important. The third section is dedicated to outsourcing all the menial tasks, and the forth on the importance of flexibility.

I liked Ferriss’s book a lot, but now I want to tell you about another great book that I think you will find very useful, too: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is a book more focused on creating the right mindset for getting rich. A lot of people that we see today on TV or read about in newspapers who enjoy a lot of financial success have gotten where they are because they focused on what was most important, which is having the right mind track for getting there.


First of all, Hill teaches us that it is important to desire to get rich. Too many people think that being humble is the right way to live, but this is not what the most generous people on the planet are busy doing. The author talks about developing faith and creating a powerful tool from auto-suggestion. For an entrepreneur in training, I find this to be a great book to get you started.


3 Great Business Ideas for This Year


Have you been thinking about going your own way and becoming an entrepreneur? Then the first thing you should think about is what kind of business you would like to start. With the new year just starting, I bet that you feel energetic and ready to take over the world.

I do not want to quench your enthusiasm, but what I want to ask you is to rein in your wish to jump right into action for a bit, and first consider the business you would like to pursue. Here I am, to lend you a helping hand, by presenting you with a few great business ideas for the year that is just starting.

The last few years have been fruitful for everything organic, so the first business idea I would recommend has something to do with it. If you have been thinking about breaking out into the world of food making and food serving, I strongly suggest going organic, rather than just spending money to be part of a franchise.

People are more likely to desire to live healthier by eating better products, organic preferably, so this is where you should come into play. Even a food truck, as long as it offers seasonal dishes, made from local produce, is likely to be successful, no matter your location.


The next business I would like to recommend you for this new year is social media consulting services. Social media continues to go strong, and while there are plenty of businesses now selling such services for Facebook and Twitter, there are still growing platforms where people have to figure out how to use them in order to get something out of them.

Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are just a few of the growing giants that are not yet all out there in terms of how people and small businesses can make money using them. Use this momentum to show off your social media know how, in case you are already passionate about it, and start selling your knowledge to those who want to be on top of the game by using smart strategies.


Crowdfunding consulting is another thing that I believe it will continue to grow in the following year. Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept, in the sense that is not the same thing as fund raising, but it is not just pre-selling, either.

Exactly because it is not that simple, people who want to use it to raise money for their various projects are in very dire need of consulting. If you are the type of person that is passionate about these platforms and know how they work, just offer your services to those in need and you will be likely to make quite a lot of money.