Keeping Your Desk Clean Is Very Important If You Want to Be Focused


One of the hardest things to achieve in this day and age must be staying focused on a single task at any given time. We have push notifications on our smartphones, e-mail reminders and all kinds of distractions that make us lose focus. There are, however, other things that make our lives so hectic and we don’t even notice.

One of them, as I learned the hard way, was a cluttered desk, where things pile up in disarray, making it impossible to find anything. At one point in my life, I frankly thought that this was not important, until one day, when I realized that I was losing precious minutes if not hours only to find something in the pile of junk I had on my desk.


There are many ways in which a cluttered desk can make you lose your focus. The one aspect I mentioned earlier is just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine trying to reach for the file you must work on, with your eyes glued to your computer screen, and, in its path, your hand just pushes your cup of coffee, making the contents spill over relevant documents. Cleaning and repairing the damage has just burned a black hole in your schedule, and those are minutes you are never getting back.


There are people who are very tolerant to the clutter around them, and, again, there are people who easily got distracted and even become stressed. It is a proven fact that too much clutter around you makes your mind cluttered, too. Without you even knowing it, your eyes begin darting sideways, trying to avoid the clutter, and that will surely make you lose focus if you have not lost it already while trying to find the very thing you must have been working on.

Keeping a desk organized has many advantages. Knowing where each thing is, saves a lot of time. Your mind becomes calmer than before and your thread of thought does not have to stop to deal with small challenges peppered along the way. Even if you like thinking of yourself as some multi-tasker, it is almost guaranteed that you will not be able to maintain your focus for a long time, and soon enough, you will begin experiencing extreme fatigue.


There is another thing that a messy desk can do to you. It may physically hinder you from working properly. Whether you will be forced to keep your arms bent at awkward angles or you will have to strain your neck, because you have things stuffed under your desk, and you cannot get closer to the chair, such a cluttered work environment is going to take its toll on you.