Starting a cleaning company is not a good idea



There are many good ideas for startups right now, in case you’ve just decided you wanted to become an entrepreneur. However, I honestly don’t think starting a cleaning company is a good idea, for reasons that I will show you right away.

First things first, the people I know who are in this business can be split into two categories: the ones who had a lot of money to lift their business off the ground and the ones who are mostly doing everything on their own and invest a lot of their time into making things work. The problem with a cleaning business is that you need to gain your clients’ trust since your employees will have to be in their homes when no one is around.



I will tell you why this is a liability to any plan of conducting a cleaning business. All your employees will have to be background checked. There is no way around this. Your clients need to know that all the people who work for you and end up cleaning around their homes have a clean criminal record.

There is also the issue of insurance. You will have to present your clients guarantees. Even if the maids and janitors you are hiring are 100% honest individuals, people will not simply just believe your word. They need solid proof and that can lead to serious complications. Insurance is not something to take lightly and it will cost you some money and legal expertise.


You need to ensure your employees’ safety from clients, too, and not just the clients’ safety from employees. This is an important issue since you cannot have maids visiting and cleaning places where they may be in danger. Especially in areas where crime rates are high, all kinds of things can happen and they will easily have a negative impact on your business.

There is quite a bit of investment to place into this business from the get go. You will have to get cleaning supplies and equipment, hire people and give them uniforms. Here are just a few of the professional cleaning equipment needed: a pressure washer, a floor sweeper or a top electric broom, a commercial vacuum or a burnisher etc. You should also have at least one vehicle with the company logo. You will not be able to start this business off the ground with just a few hundreds of dollars. If this is all you have at your disposal, I strongly suggest that you take your mind off it.

A cleaning business depends a lot on the area you want to cater to. Commercial areas are the best, but the competition is already fierce, so that is why I am not suggesting starting this kind of business. The best places, so to speak, are already taken and you will have a really hard time trying to find your place in this market.